Your tailored office move plan

Briefing your employees and following a comprehensive move plan is a recipe for success for any office or business move project.

Pickfords works closely with its clients to create a detailed move plan and ensure all parties are fully briefed. As part of this process, Pickfords will:

Agree your move plan objectives

Pickfords will meet with you for an initial consultation to fully understand your move project objectives so the move plan meets the needs of your business and management team.

Understand your employees’ needs

Another essential objective of the early consultation phase is for Pickfords to clearly understand the needs of your employees. This will ensure the process of moving your office or business is as effortless as possible for each individual and department.

Identify inter-departmental dependencies

Good communication is essential for a successful relocation. Pickfords identifies how your office departments interact so we can ensure business continuity throughout the project, minimising downtime for critical functions.

Create your move plan

Following our consultations with you, Pickfords will create a tailor-made move plan for your office or business move. This will detail:

  • The work schedule
  • IT resources
  • Operational resources
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Service standards

This project manual is designed to ensure all parties are familiar with the agreed objectives, that the objectives are met by Pickfords and that any risks are effectively minimized and managed.

Plan for any contingencies

Your move plan will detail contingency plans for your office move to ensure that, should unforeseen circumstances occur, all parties involved are prepared and can take appropriate action.

Prepare your employees

We will create an individually tailored communication program to manage your employees’ expectations throughout the office move.

To find out more about move plan creation or any other aspect of your office or business move, click here to contact Pickfords.

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