Our CSR approach

As a national company, we recognize the importance of CSR and that the way we conduct our business is fundamental to our employees, our customers, our suppliers and the wider community.

We have a duty of responsibility in how we treat people and the environment. Our CSR principles are:

To conduct our business ethically

Pickfords recruits and trains professional staff imbibed with honesty and integrity in the way they treat customers and colleagues. Our code of conduct ensures our business practices are fair and ethical as executed by our staff.

To provide quality customer service

Service that exceeds our customers’ expectations is central to our company philosophy. Our qualified team always put the customer first and place a priority on gathering honest feedback from our customers’ experience. Pickfords’ business practices undergo continuous improvement to ensure our always customers receive the best possible service.

To be an industry leader in environmental practice

Pickfords is committed to minimize its impact on the environment through:

  • Recycling waste office materials
  • Environmental disposal of our business customers’ redundant furniture and IT
  • Driving fuel efficient vehicles and route planning to minimize emissions
  • Using packing wrap which is 57% recycled and 100% recyclable

To provide the best possible working environment

Pickfords treats its employees with respect, encourages diversity and provides a safe and healthy workplace. We encourage the highest possible performance, supported by regular training and recognition of achievement.

To positively impact our community

Pickfords understands the need to give back to our local community. The company donates time and resources to help local charity and community projects, spearheaded by our employees.

To find out more about Pickfords’ CSR practices, call us on 08 531 949 00.

Our CSR approach
Our environmental policy

Pickfords is committed to prioritize the environment through all levels of our service. Click below to discover our sustainable practices and how we minimize our impact on the environment.

Reduce, reuse, recycle