Environmental policy

Pickfords’ environmental policy is our commitment to prioritise the environment through all levels of our service. It ensures we minimise the impact of our business operations while endorsing policies that actively contribute to a sustainable environment.

Through our environmental policy, we are committed to: 

  • Achieve the highest environmental standards in the removals industry
  • Reduce the waste and pollution generated by our commercial activities
  • Actively promote recycling and reuse of materials generated by our business and by our customers
  • Ensure the safe disposal of waste in a way that minimises impact on the environment
  • Conserve resources across all our operations
  • Maintain our buildings in a way that minimises impact on the local environment
  • Work closely with suppliers and contractors to share goals and minimise the environmental impact from shared operations
  • Ensure all company vehicles are designed and maintained to reduce emissions and achieve maximum fuel efficiency
  • Reduce water and energy use by adopting best practice conservation technology
  • Raise awareness of environmental concerns with our employees and encourage their ongoing involvement in the company’s environmental improvements

What does our environmental policy mean for you?

Pickfords’ environmental policy gives you peace-of-mind in the knowledge that you are dealing with a reliable, national removals and storage provider with a resolute commitment to the environment.

To contact Pickfords and find out more about our environmental policy and sustainable practices, click here. 

Our CSR approach

CSR is important to us. Discover how Pickfords ensure we treat both people and the environment ethically and responsibly.

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