International storage solutions

If you are moving overseas, you may need the flexibility of international storage or domestic storage in Sweden.

International storage is a cost effective way of keeping your goods safe if you need to limit your shipment size, are renting your home out while you are away or are moving to a hotel prior to finding a permanent home.

Storing in Sweden

If you are renting your property while overseas, you can store for a period to suit your needs at our Stockholm storage centre. We will professionally wrap your furniture or pack your personal items into cartons and take your goods to store until you return to the country.

Export packing and storing in Sweden

If you need to store your goods prior to export, Pickfords will wrap and pack your furniture and household items until you are ready to call forward your consignment. This means your furniture is fully packed for maximum protection, ready to be forwarded by your chosen international transit option.  

You can call forward your storage consignment from your new home abroad by contacting your Pickfords Move Manager.

International storage at your destination

Pickfords can arrange international storage foe your goods at your destination country as part of your move plan. 

International storage rates vary globally but are generally based on the quantity you want to store and how long you want to store for. Your Move Manager will liaise with our partner at your destination and will make all the necessary international storage arrangements. We will create a separate inventory for items to go into store.  

You can arrange for your goods to be delivered when your new property is ready.

Contact us to find out more about international storage options.

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