Long term storage solutions

If you are in need of long term storage, Pickfords can help. Whether you’re in the process of buying a new home, planning to work abroad for a number of years or simply need to store antiques or other valuables for a long period, Pickfords provides a complete long term storage service to suit you:

Professional packing

If you need your goods to be wrapped or packed into moving cartons, or furniture to be protected prior to long term storage,  Pickfords will provide a trained moving team to pack and protect your goods.

Convenient goods collection

Pickfords will arrive at your home and pack your possessions into a secure wooden storage container, sparing you from the stress of heavy lifting and packing. We will then transport your belongings to our secure storage facility in Stockholm, saving you time and the cost of van hire.

Accurate records of your storage consignment

Placing goods into long term storage may mean you will choose not to access them for years. To ensure you have an accurate record, Pickfords creates an inventory of all your belongings going into our care.

Security sealed at residence

Wherever possible, Pickfords seals your storage container at your home for maximum security. Your container will not be opened again until your effects are delivered.

Convenient delivery service

When you are ready, Pickfords will deliver your consignment to its new home at a time convenient to you.

Storage insurance for your peace of mind

If you have transit insurance for your move and want to arrange storage for some items, Pickfords offers additional fire insurance to cover your goods while in store. Your transit insurance will cover your goods from when they come out of storage to the final delivery.

To find out more about long term storage options, contact Pickfords on 08 531 949 00.

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