Complete office relocation services

To ensure your office relocation project is delivered on time, on budget and to your required specification, Pickfords provides a framework of proven business services designed around your business needs:

A single point of contact

Your dedicated project manager will be available on and off-site to fully manage your office relocation project from start to finish, ensuring full accountability and continuity of communication throughout.

Secure packing crates to meet your needs

Pickfords provides a wide range of secure office packing crates to meet the needs of your employees and their departments during your office relocation. Each crate type is specially designed for different needs; we have crates for filing and paperwork, books and documentation, stationery and other desktop contents, cupboard miscellany, desktop computers, laptops and IT peripherals.

Contact Pickfords for more details on secure crate hire for your office relocation.

Heavy lifting equipment and expertise

Pickfords provides specialist lifting equipment, vehicles and cranes to lift heavy and bulky items in and out of your offices and workplaces, including:

  • Company safes
  • Large art and historic exhibits
  • Heavy plant machinery
  • Manufacturing and engineering apparatus
  • Specialist laboratory and medical equipment
  • X-ray machines
  • MRI machines
  • Industrial equipment

To discover how Pickfords can assist with your heavy equipment, contact us.

Specialist equipment moving

Pickfords’ office relocation solution is designed to accommodate all business types, including schools and universities, museums, factories, hospitals and laboratories. We work with specialist contractors to move and store almost every type of equipment and provide bespoke services, including:

  • Packing and moving chemicals and hazardous materials
  • Specialist engineers and fitters
  • Bespoke furniture suppliers
  • Trained cleaning contractors
  • Moving and storage of libraries and archives
  • IT equipment decommission and re-commission.

To find out more about the specialist office relocation services provided by Pickfords and our partners, click here or call 08 531 949 00.

Your tailored office move plan
Your tailored office move plan

Click below to discover how Pickfords works with you to produce a comprehensive move plan to unite all parties involved in your office move.

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