Porterage and churn

Your business develops over time, so you may require other moving and storage requirements after the move has been completed. Pickfords can provide solutions for this quickly and efficiently. There are a range of services including porterage and churn that are available to your business after your office move.


Porterage is provided on a fixed term contract and Pickfords can provide resources for moving furniture as well as ongoing maintenance support. 


Pickfords provides a churn service to provide support to businesses for internal moving and any other requirements. This services relieves the stress added to an office during busy periods and can assist with moving effects around the office.

Business storage

Pickfords can also provide storage facilities for customers moving within as well as to and from Sweden. We also can accommodate long term storage for companies that wish to store goods on an ongoing basis.

For more information on our porterage and churn service, contact our Pickfords business moving team.

Your tailored office move plan
Your tailored office move plan

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