Customized reporting

 relocation report puts you in control of your assignee’s move program. Pickfords captures detailed transactional data on your employee’s relocation to help you analyse trends and identify hidden costs and seepages.

A relocation report from Pickfords can include: 

  • Physical move volume
  • Financial entitlement or allowance
  • Variances to entitlement  or allowance
  • Assignee expenditure
  • Mode/s of transport
  • Claims ratios
  • Insurance value
  • Average spend
  • Average volume
  • Shipment transit times

By running a relocation report, you can you can review the impact of changes to allowances within the scope of your program and forecast overspend.  

Pickfords provides management information on a monthly or quarterly basis and will make recommendations proactively to help make your move program more efficient.

Contact Pickfords on 08 531 949 00 to find out how you can receive a regular relocation report for your corporate assignees.

Employee relocation
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