Home removals insurance

Your goods are precious to you; Pickfords’ removals insurance is designed to protect your possessions in transit and in storage when you move home.

Do I really need insurance?

  • In the unlikely event of loss or damage to items, the removal industry standard is limited liability (capped compensation).
  • Taking our removals insurance protects you against losses greater than the limit set out in Pickfords’ terms and conditions. 
  • Removals insurance also covers you for risks where you have no right or recourse against the removal contractor.
  • With insurance, you will not need to prove negligence; only that the cause of damage or loss is not excluded by the policy.

Don’t risk it!

Pickfords knows that your goods are valuable to you, and that financial protection will bring peace of mind when moving home. This is why we provide removals insurance tailored to your needs.

What type of insurance is right for me?

The removals insurance you take out will depend on the moving services you select from Pickfords.

"All Risks" removals insurance

  • Removals insurance will cover your goods against loss or damage while they are in our care and control, subject to the terms and conditions of the removals policy.
  • A complete policy wording is provided with your quotation, stating what is covered by your insurance.
  • You can expect full coverage on damage in the unlikely event of vehicle accident, breakage, fire, storm and theft.  

Storage insurance

If you choose to store all or part of your removal with Pickfords, you can opt for one or both of the following:

  • Storage insurance, covering loss or damage, excluding fire damage.
  • Fire insurance, covering damage by fire.

Why choose Pickfords’ removals insurance?

Pickfords’ insurance avoids complicated policies and puts you, the customer, first.

The problem with liability insurance

  • Some removal companies offer "Extended Liability" or "Standard Liability" insurance cover.
  • Liability removals insurance is taken out in the removal company’s name, and any claims are made against the customer.
  • The insurer may not accept liability and refuse to compensate you if removal company negligence cannot be proven.
  • Such policies also only provide indemnity removals insurance, meaning your goods will not be replaced or repaired as new; you will only be compensated to the second-hand value of the goods.
  • To avoid these issues, Pickfords instead offers "All Risks" Goods in Transit insurance:

The benefits of Pickfords’ “All Risks” insurance 

  • With Goods in Transit removals insurance, you sign a contract that entitles you to submit a claim directly against the insurer.
  • Pickfords’ "All Risk" insurance includes no excess, meaning there is no fee to claim.
  • With Pickfords’ insurance, you simply make a claim and your goods will be replaced, repaired or compensated for (at the insurer’s option).

Does removals insurance cover my home?

  • As an industry standard, removals terms and conditions limit what is recoverable for damage to premises.
  • To ensure such damage is not excluded, Pickfords provide Premises Protection Waiver for one or both properties.
  •  Premises Protection Waiver covers damage without requiring proof of negligence by the removal crew.

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